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  • Model: LRF-VAC Series
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The series of machine is a kind of automatic rotary continuous low vacuum filler, and the filling volume of which is determined by the filling level. They are suitable for filling various liquids, foaming liquids or other products with fluidity, and they can be widely used in the food, condiment, cosmetic, chemical, wine or other industries. The high accuracy and efficiency of the machines make them occupy the leading status among the similar products in the domestic or overseas market.

The low vacuum filling systems draw product into the containers by using constant vacuum suction from a blower. The filling nozzle consists of inner and outer pipes, and the level of the outer pipe’s mouth is the target filling level. When the product is filled to the target level, the excessive product will be drawn into the vacuum bucket and flow back to the product bucket through a patent device used to separate air and liquid. The liquid in the product bucket then can be recycled in the filling system. All the liquid levels will be the same regardless of the inconsistencies of the containers. Therefore this machine will be the best choice in the usage of filling, when the containers are made of glass or other rigid material.



The machines have simple and compact design, all the pipes used are made of food grade stainless steel, and every component is polished refinedly. These features guarantee that the machines have good corrosion resistance. The machines are also designed with the requirements of GMP, which supplies great convenience in cleaning of the machine and changing products.




Technical Specifications:

Filling Nozzles
16 nozzles
24 nozzles
Filling Volume
Filling Speed
Filling Accuracy