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Our Spindle Cappers are designed to handle most bottle cap types,diameters of which range from 10mm to 100mm,and can handle up to 200 bottles per minute.The new innovative design makes it easy to use and maintenance free.
When using the Semi-automatic machine (SSP),the operator is only required to place caps on the bottles,and then the capper can secure the caps onto the bottles by three pairs of wheels automatically.
You can also purchase a cap feeder for the machine as an option to raise the machine to a fully automatic one (ASP).We offer 3 kinds of cap feeders for you to choose------Raising,Tilied Plate or Vibrating Cap Feeder.You can choose as your requirement. 

Feature Including:
●We adopt the mode of ’one motor controls one capping wheel’,which can ensure the machine to work stably and keep consistent,torque under long term working condition
● The clamping belts can be adjusted separately,which allow the machine to be suitable for capping bottles with various heights and shapes
● If you choose the optional cap guiding system together with the machine,it will then also fit for pump caps
● The convenient construction adjustment system is equipped with precise ruler and counter
● The torque limiters can ensure the torque consistency effectively
● The mainframe can be lifted and descended automatically by a motor


Technical Specifications


Cap Dia. 10-100mm
Bottle Height 60-350mm
Power 1.5KW
Dimensions According to the cap feeder equipped