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Correspondence should be addressed: Shanghai Saidone Technologies Co., Ltd.

No.18 Building, No. 60, Lunming Industrial Park, Rd. Zhonghui,  Shanghai, PRC.

Postal Code: 201111
Tel -21-64096877 turn HR

Position: Design Engineer
Quantity: 2
Sex: Male
Age: Open
Education: Open

Other Requirements: Relevant years of experience in machinery industry, more than 5 years of mechanical product design experience, familiar with the machining process, there is a corresponding electrical circuit knowledge. To the overall design of mechatronic priority, there is good design experience related to packaging machinery.

Position: Service Engineer
Quantity: 3
Sex: Male
Age :24-35
Education: the technology
Other requirements: relevant mechanical and electrical graduated more than 2 years of related maintenance equipment installation experience, mechanical equipment maintenance and operation of PLC experience to understand the priority, good communication skills, long-term overseas work.
Release Date: December 11, 2006
Expiry date: March 2007